Hepatitis C Research

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a chronic viral infection which causes inflammation of the liver. This chronic inflammation causes scaring which can lead to cirrhosis and further complications. There are about 4 - 5 million Americans infected with HCV. HCV is divided into 6 different Genotypes with the most prevalent being Genotype 1 (75% infected). Treatment up through May 2011 only used peg-interferon and ribavirin. This treatment of Genotype 1 infected persons had a 40% to 60% cure rate dependent on individual health conditions. In May 2011 and June 2011 two new medications called Direct Acting Antivirals (DAA’s) in combination with peg-interferon and ribavirin were FDA approved for treatment of HCV genotype 1. This combination has increased the rate of cure to greater than 80% also dependent on individual health conditions. 

Research in HCV is now using multiple DAA’s with and without peg-interferon and ribavirin. These new treatments are being done in hopes of getting better response rates with fewer side effects and a shorter duration of treatment. 

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Free Hepatitis C Testing

Free Hepatitis C Testing is available for patients living in the greater Houston area. Please call (713) 799-8300 to schedule an appointment.